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Polyurethane Resins  

BIP (oldbury) Limited offer a range of solvent based polyurethane resins for the printing industry under the Surkopak® and Surkofilm® label.

Surkopak® plasticising polyurethane resins are intended for nitrocellulose based inks and coating systems. An extensive range of aromatic polyether based Surkopak® products is available in a choice of hardness and plasticising effects, which can be applied to both rigid and flexible substrates. The most commonly used products are listed below:

Typical Products

Solvent Type


Surkopak® 2135

Based on ethanol

Soft, very flexible, excellent solvent release

Surkopak® 5244

Based on ethyl acetate

General purpose, flexographic and gravure inks

Surkopak® 5241

Based on ethyl acetate

Solvent free version SP 5244

Surkopak® 5245

Based on ethyl acetate

Improved alcohol tolerance modified SP 5244

Surkopak® 5246

Based on ethyl acetate

Lower solids/viscosity SP 5245

Surkopak® 5255

Based on ethyl acetate

Harder version SP 5244

Surkopak® 5323

Based on ethyl acetate/IP

Increased hardness SP 5255. Surface, reverse & lamination.

Surkopak® 5311

Based on ethyl acetate/IP

Harder version SP 5323

Surkopak® X

Based on ethyl acetate

Hard grade surface. Reverse and lamination.

Surkofilm® polymers contain both polyether and polyester aliphatic and some aromatic high molecular weight structures. The product comprises a range of solvent based film forming urethanes which are used on a wide variety if substrates where demanding performance calls for high quality inks. Surkofilm® polymers have been formulated to low non volatile content with special grades for vinyl substrates in combination with vinyl co-polymers.

Typical Products

Solvent Type


Surkofilm® MR 132

Ethanol/Ethyl Acetate

Mixed aromatic/aliphatic polyurethane for reverse printing onto PE & OPP

Surkofilm®  64S

Ethanol/Ethyl Acetate

Soft and flexible for reverse printing on PE and OPP

Surkofilm® 72S

Ethanol/Ethyl Acetate

General purpose for reverse printing & lamination inks

Surkofilm® 71H

Ethanol/Ethyl Acetate

Lamination inks for nylon and other films

Surkofilm® 62H

Ethyl Acetate

Harder version Surkofilm®  64S

Surkofilm® 653H

Ethanol/Ethyl Acetate

Flexographic or gravure lamination and surface printing. In combination with nitrocellulose or vinyl resin for retortable inks.

Surkofilm® 90H

Ethanol/Ethyl Acetate

Low viscosity. Hard PU component in combination with vinyl resins

Surkofilm® 1137

Isopropanol/Ethyl Acetate

Lamination inks, mono-component or in combination with nitrocellulose as well as vinyl resins

In addition to solvent based film forming polymers, BIP manufacture a range of water based polyurethane dispersions under the Beetafin® trademark. Beetafin® polyurethane dispersions offer a water based alternative which enables the production of a compliant coating. All conventional Surkopak®,  Surkofilm® and Beetafin® polymers are supplied as isocyanate- free liquids.

BIP manufacture bespoke products designed to meet the specific objectives of the individual customer. Many standard and development products are not listed and enquiries about alternatives to the above should be made by contacting BIP direct.